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The disadvantages of Twitter’s new 280-character limit

Most people will have been happy to hear that Twitter has started rolling out a new 280-character limit to selected users in recent weeks but not me and I don’t believe businesses in the food, drink and hospitality industry should either. How does the old saying go? Less is more?…

October 18, 2017


Creating the perfect tweet

The benefits of using Twitter for a business in the food, drink and hospitality industry are endless but crafting the perfect tweet is certainly no easy feat. In an extremely fast-paced environment, a tweet can be lost amongst thousands of other posts before you can say bob’s your uncle! There…

10 ways to use Twitter for your restaurant or bar

With more than 350,000 tweets being sent per minute, Twitter is a social media tool that businesses can ill-afford to ignore. The depths to which it can be used to gain new customers, interact with them and build up a strong brand image have no limits, so we’ve put together…

July 7, 2016