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About us

Who are we? We are 87Food; Scott, Hayley and Adam. We are experts in social media marketing and all have a passion about good food and drink, and great hospitality.

  • Scott


    Scott is a former journalist, turned marketeer who started his own successful social media agency in 2014. He has worked with hundreds of companies across the food, drinks and hospitality sector; including restaurants, bars, cafes, producers and more. He is skilled in social media advertising and content creation. In his spare time he is invited to review restaurants and products and is a judge on The Italian Awards.

  • Hayley


    Hayley is the brains behind 87Food - she makes sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes - and is an expert at PPC and social media advertising. Hayley has also worked in the food and drink industry and specialises in vegetarian and vegan foods.

  • Adam


    Adam focuses on content creation and account management. Adam is also a qualified journalist and writes blogs and general copy for companies in all sectors.

What we do

We help businesses in the food, drink and hospitality industry gain positive exposure through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Putting you in front of millions of potential customers and saving you time to concentrate on your business.

How we do it

How we do it… We work with you, hand-in-hand, to become an extension of your business. During the initial consultation we get to know your business inside and out – and decide how best to portray you on social media. We then build a marketing strategy tailored towards your individual needs and budget. Following this plan we create engaging content that speaks directly to your ideal market.

Monitor your social media

We don’t work your usual 9-5, we monitor your social media presence 24/7 365, replying to all messages you receive, whatever time of the day.

Small team giving undivided attention

We have a small team that gives you undivided attention. You know who your account manager is, and are able to call on us out of normal business hours.

Talk about your business and share people's experiences
We encourage people to talk about your business in a positive light and share their experiences, as well as managing your reputation online, ensuring you have a solid online reputation.


Professional imagery and advert optimisation
With your content written by a journalist, your imagery created by a photographer and your adverts optimised by an experienced social media marketer, we are the go-to consultancy for people in the food, drinks and hospitality industry.”