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Instagram Shopping is live in the UK!

March 22, 2018


Earlier this week, Instagram rolled out its shopping feature to eight countries including the UK. But what is it and what does this mean for people in the food and drink industry?

Instagram Shopping is an in-App shopping feature that is available to businesses to make it easier for brands to direct people to their e-commerce. While similar services are already available where people can shop on Instagram, this new feature allows people to shop directly by using virtual price tags that are overlaid on posts.

Shoppers can then tap on the price tags and a pop-up appears displaying information about the product, as well as a link to the store. This will save valuable time in a market where time and ease of access is vital.

In a press statement, Instagram head of business Jim Squires said “People come to Instagram every day to discover and buy products from their favorite businesses. We want to be that seamless experience. Whether it’s a local artisan, florist or clothing store, shopping directly on Instagram has never been easier.”

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