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The ultimate Christmas dinner


Christmas Day is meant to be a time of relaxation and peace but as many of us know, it rarely turns out like that, especially when preparing Christmas dinner is involved!

Whether you’re cooking for two or 20 people, being in charge of Christmas dinner is one of the most stressful parts of the day, if not the year…

There’s so many things to decide, from what time of the day you have it, to what meat you’ll be creating your meal around!

Most households up and down the country sit down to eat at around 3pm but things are a little different in my house. After a bacon butty or two in the morning, we tuck into our Christmas dinner at around half 12, before an astonishing, all you can eat buffet in the evening!


But less of the buffet and more of the dinner. What should it include?

To start with it’s the starter! From melon and pate to soup and prawn cocktail, I know everyone has their favourite but for me, I can’t look past a delicious chicken liver pate.

I accept everyone is different and every family will have their preferences for their choice of meat, but it has to be Turkey for me. It’s tradition after all!

Alongside said turkey (which has to be cooked with streaky bacon) should be roast potatoes (in goose fat), Yorkshire puddings, brussel sprouts (get them eaten!), carrots (boring but you’d miss them), parsnips (the long things), turnip, stuffing, mushy peas (yes you heard me right), gravy (obviously…) and of course… the pigs in blankets which are part and parcel of any Christmas dinner.

My mouth is watering already! Oh and you can have mash too but only if you’re feeling a little adventurous…


Once that is demolished and if you have any room, it’s onto the pudding but what do you have!?

Of course tradition is to have Christmas pudding but that’s a big no from me. Can’t stand the stuff! I don’t know why but it’s always been Viennetta for me but I’m opting for a nice treacle sponge this year with a bit of white sauce on top.

Now that’s my Christmas dinner revealed but what does yours include? I’d love to hear from you…

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