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How to promote your bar, restaurant, hotel or cafe this Christmas


It’s that time of the year again folks! Whilst everyone else is out partying and getting merry, those in the food, drink and hospitality industry are working their socks off to put on a night or event that will leave their customers dancing off into the night with glee!

But how do you make it so successful? Of course, the food, drink and service is going to play a massive part but there’s also one more secret ingredient that could put you way ahead of your competitors… social media.

Not only are you able to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc to promote what you are doing over the festive period but by being extremely active you can make a great impression for years to come.

Here’s how…

Snapchat Geofilters


Snapchat is a great way for you to promote your business and engage with your customers. Snapchat geofilters however, take things to an entirely different level!

They allow you to design a custom filter which people can use on their snaps in a specific location of your choice. So if your bar is hosting an event on Christmas Eve, you’d be able to set up a geofilter for your premises and then customers can take snaps of themselves using your personally designed filter.

Great, right!

Having your own geofilter not only gives your business great exposure as your company logo will be on it, but if you stretch your budget a little further you can reach a larger area, meaning more people will see it and come along to your event.

Not only that, but having one will also show that you’re an exciting company and that you go above and beyond which will only enhance brand loyalty.

Your demographic is using it, so make sure you are too!

To set up your own geofilter… follow our step-by-step guide here…

Instagram Stories

If you’re a business in the food, drink and hospitality industry it is extremely likely that you’ll have an Instagram account but do you make use of all its features? This Christmas you need to. It’s that simple.

We all know how to post an image on Instagram but how about Instagram Stories? Like Snapchat, they are the perfect way to showcase what is happening in real time and what is going on behind the scenes.

By posting images to your story you’re keeping in daily contact with your followers instead of a post every now and again, while it shows your audience how you are diversifying with your social media strategy and not just playing it safe with Facebook and Twitter posts.


Another clever trick is to post heavily to your Instagram Story during any live events you may be hosting. As well as showing your audience how active you are with your social media, it may also attract others to come and check out your event.

See other benefits and our full guide to Instagram Stories here…

Christmas Day

You may not think it but posting on Christmas Day is imperative. It’s the one day of the year in which nearly most people are off work!

Your followers will be logging into their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and to post images of their presents so make sure you are active with a Merry Christmas message of your own.

By doing so it will make your social community feel wanted and part of a family!


Of course you don’t have to log on yourself and post on the day. You can use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer, while you can also pre-schedule ahead on Facebook itself.

It’s such an easy way to make your business look very, very good.

Competitions & Giveaways

Everyone loves a freebie and especially at Christmas… That’s why you need to jump on that opportunity this festive period!

Giving your followers the chance to win a free meal or a discount at your hotel is an easy way to increase your number of followers and likes, as well as creating a massive buzz around your business at such a busy time of the year.

For example, you could simply ask people to like and share your competition post, like your page and tag a friend to stand a chance of winning a meal for two on New Year’s Eve. You are not asking them to do much and you will receive a lot of entries.


Opening Times & Menus

One final thing you really need to push over the festive period is your Christmas opening times and menu.

Competition will be fierce in December as you all strive to get customers through the door and the easiest way to remind people of your availability is by continuing to tell them when you’re open.


Don’t create five or six posts a week telling people when you’re open but instead include them in your other festive posts and any imagery you may have. You can also change the main link on your social media profiles to be that of your Christmas menu.

Simple but effective.

We hope you have a fantastic and busy festive period. Remember to keep on top of your social media and you’ll be onto a winner!

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