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87Food Lunch Club: Viva Vegas Diner

Vegas diner


Our June 87Food LunchClub saw us head to the recently opened Viva Vegas Diner!

A modern take on an American diner, the restaurant serves breakfast from 9am-11.30am, while its main menu is available throughout the day until 11pm.

On arrival, we were immediately hit by Viva’s vibrant purple colour scheme which is consistent throughout including the staff uniforms. With the tables designed like Cadillac cars and an area for Live music, it really did make you feel like you’d just stepped into America!

Amazingly, the Viva Vegas Diner also has an American-style camper van which serves late night bar snacks and takeaway food to passers by on the promenade. One to remember for your next night out in Blackpool!

Anyway back to our visit and here’s what the team thought…



I love American food, they don’t mess around. Over there it’s no-nonsense, big, fatty and tasty – so I’ve been looking forward to trying this place out.

Viva have gone to town on the decor – when you walk in you’re greeted by a scantily clad mannequin, there is a pin ball machine, TVs all over the place, the seating is authentic and the waitresses even wear 1950s style outfits, but there is something lacking and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. Vegas is meant to be big, bold and brash, almost obnoxious – the only thing offensive was the cheese sauce that came on my burger, oh, and the fact that you have to buy fries separately.

I’m not saying my burger wasn’t nice, it really was, I finished it all. I loved that you get a choice of bun, even more so that you can get a black bun! How cool are they!? It messes with your head that it should taste different, but it’s just like a normal sesame bun, but better because it’s black, of course. The patty was nice and moist, but the bacon was a bit limp and that sauce… I couldn’t really taste any cheese in it. Could have been from a packet. Just a white cheese packet sauce I reckon.

The burger was £8.95 which I thought was alright… until I learned that it doesn’t come with fries. So we ordered some skin on fries, for the middle, with bacon bits and BBQ sauce. I don’t think they were fresh, maybe frozen, and dear at £4.95! We also ordered some buttermilk chicken. The batter could have been thicker, and could have done with a bigger hit of seasoning, imo.
I had a peanut butter and jelly milkshake to wash my food down. It was sound, just could have been bigger, but maybe I’m just greedy. I’ll definitely return, it’s the best American style diner we have in Blackpool.



Being the only one in the office who’s not from Blackpool, I didn’t even know the Viva Vegas Diner existed so I was quite intrigued when Scott informed us where we were heading this month!

On arrival, I immediately loved the vibe of the place. A classic American diner but with a modern twist!

I opted for The Original Louis Lassen. A 6oz steak burger patty topped with sweet red onion, chopped dill pickle sauce and Monterey Jack cheese. The menu says, ‘Simple and Superb’ and that description is right on the money.

The burger was cooked to perfection and a generous helping of sweet red onion really went down a treat. My only gripe is that the cheese was a little hard around the edges but that didn’t take too much away from the delicious burger.

We opted to get six fried chicken breast strips and some skin-on fries for the group to share. Personally I didn’t think the chicken was anything special and was a little tasteless. The fries however accompanied my burger well and the addition of sausage bits made the experience a little different from just having fries and sauce. Will definitely visit again to try the other burgers!



I had already decided what I’d like to eat before I got to the diner, as I was super hungry and I knew the menu for the restaurant.

After we were seated, a few minutes later the waitress took our drinks order. I chose the Oreo milkshake, which sounded really nice on the menu. Adam and Hayley received their Diet Coke and tonic water first and then the waitress took our food order as we were ready. Just as she left our table our milkshakes arrived.

They were creamy, milkshakey and just what I expected, topped with cream and an Oreo cookie. I have had better milkshakes but it was far from the worst.

Bellagio Stratosphere

For my meal, I ordered the Bellagio Stratosphere burger, which was made up of a 6oz steak burger, a buttermilk fried chicken fillet, BBQ pulled pork, jack cheese sauce and fried onions. I requested no onions and that was not a problem. I was offered the choice of which bun I would like my burger on, I chose the brioche. We ordered skin-on fries topped with BBQ sauce and sausage bits and six chicken fillets topped with bacon bits for the entire table to share.

When the food arrived, I was amazed at how big my burger actually was, it’s definitely an American diner! Despite the size, I managed to eat the lot! It was really enjoyable, the BBQ sauce on the pulled pork was delicious and really complimented the buttermilk fried chicken. The fries were tasty, but I probably wouldn’t bother with the BBQ sauce or sausage bits next time I ordered them as the sauce made them soggy and hard to eat.

This was the second time I have visited the restaurant and the food was just as nice as the first and the service was faster and friendlier. I would visit the Viva Vegas diner again and I think the food is awesome. I was not leaving hungry, that’s for sure!

So there we have it, our June 87Food Lunch Club is over! We’d love to visit your restaurant or cafe in July! Give us a call on 01253 462 487. 

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