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Instagram Marketing Tips For Restaurants


Food, and social media, occupies a huge place in people’s lives. Nowadays people always have their phone in their hand, documenting every aspect of their lives. Restaurants are catching on to this and are reaping the rewards of free marketing and advertising by using Instagram.

One of the current trends is Food Porn – posting pictures of delicious looking food – and sharing across social media platforms for people to comment on and share. This brings immediate, user-generated, FREE advertising that people can easily connect with, giving viewers curiosity as to where the food is from or taking them straight to the restaurant’s page.

If you are a restaurant, it is a MUST in this day and age to get ahead with your marketing to make your own Instagram page, and here are some tips for great ways to use Instagram for restaurants:
Social Media for food and drink.

1) Record/chronicle/snap EVERYTHING

Post photos of everything you want people to see or know about the restaurant, for example, signature and new dishes, the most appetising desserts, dining-room ambience, behind-the-scenes glimpses and staff members, events or offers you have on, anything to get the social media world interested in coming in and sampling your food.

Short videos are brilliant, and always remember to write brief captions including hashtags.

2) Be Searchable And Shareable

Select an easily recognisable Instagram username for your page and use relevant business keywords in the profile to help you increase your search results. Make sure you tag posts with relevant hashtags so users can find you, i.e. if your business is in London – #London. It also helps to include your restaurant name and signature dish or drink name in your hashtag.

Geo-tagging is also good for connecting with other Instagram users in the area.

3) Integrate Instagram With Other Social Media

It is handy to link all of your accounts together and when posting an image to Instagram, to also share it to Facebook and Twitter, as even if a user isn’t following you on Instagram, they might follow you on other accounts, this increases views and helps gain followers. You can easily copy and paste an Instagram Photo code onto your website or blog.

4) Interact With Customers

Asking customers for opinions is a big way to gain interaction and therefore interest. You could also ask customers to guess your new flavour, or when offering launching a new dish, asking people to help you name it. By involving customers, this helps them to feel compelled to continue following you and seeing (or tasting) the end result. They will eventually become and advocate of your brand.

You can also encourage users to get involved by posting a photo that mentions your restaurant (a hashtag, check-in, review or another shout out) and reward them with a free treat. If this user has a lot of followers, it’s a great way to reach out to others for a small price.

5) Optimize Photo Quality

Make everything look mouthwatering! Filtering images always helps in enhancing the quality and making them look more pleasing to the eye, and so cropping, modifying the colour or making collages is a good way to get people looking at your shots.

Branching out by taking shots of more than just your dishes is a great way of adding interest, so capture shots of your staff working or guests enjoying their meals (but make sure you ask their permission first).

Experiment with different angles as artistic looking imagery gives more of a high class feel to your business.

Having an Instagram account is a sure way to help market your restaurant and hopefully these tips will give you some food for thought and help you in marketing your restaurant.



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